Our Initiatives

Israel – US Water Initiative

What We Do

The ICI Fund formed this initiative as a platform that connects between US entities (that would like to learn about Israeli innovation for the water industry) and between Israeli companies with solutions for the US water industry.

Our Events

We hold Water Round Tables around the world bringing US water leaders and Israeli leading water companies to sit together around the table and discuss water challenges and solutions

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Collaborating With

Advirory Board

  • Dean Amhaus

    President and CEO, The Water Council, Milwaukee

  • John Coleman

    Board Member, East Bay Municipal Utility District, past President of Association of California Water Agencies, California

  • Chris Dermody

    Digital Solutions & IT Leader, Jacobs

  • Kelly DiNatale

    President of DiNatale Water Consultants, Colorado

  • Bob Lembke

    President, United Water & Sanitation District

  • Danny Laker

    Head of Security, Israel Water Authority

  • Israel Shamay

    Executive Director Americas, Israel Innovation Authority

  • Will Sarni

    Founder and CEO, Water Foundry