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 Kando’s end-to-end hardware and software integrated solution, Clear Upstream, uses IoT sensors and monitoring technology to create continuous situational awareness of events in wastewater networks. By visualizing, analyzing, predicting and pinpointing upstream network behavior, this technology can reduce pollution events that overburden treatment centers, damage infrastructure and create health hazards to the community. 

I-Dripper, an agritech startup has created Viridix, a precision irrigation decision support system powered by Root Sense soil moisture sensors that help farmers make data driven decisions by gathering data at multiple locations in the field and uploading it to the internet cloud. 

Once uploaded, the data is analyzed and turned into actionable insights that help farmers save water, increase crop yield, raise crop quality, and ultimately increase profits.


Genda empowers construction site managers by generating and visualizing real-time data showing project progress and resource location. Genda developed an RTLS system based on sensors, an application for smartphones and several other data streams that work completely automatically. The data is analyzed using machine learning and pattern recognition to update project progress and show site managers what is happening at construction site, thus enabling them to make data-driven decisions, eliminate redundant processes and improve employees' safety.


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