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ICI Fund supports its portfolio companies’ scale up in the US market through Innosphere Ventures, a General Partner in ICI Fund and a 23-year old technology incubator located in Colorado.

Investment focusArtificial Intelligence Technologies

  • Water & Agriculture

    • Big Data/AI
    • Smart Farming
    • Cyber Security
    • Internet of Things
  • Energy & Industry4.0

    • Big Data/AI
    • Smart/Micro Grid
    • Cyber Security
    • Internet of Things
  • Circular Economy

    • Big Data/AI
    • Construction/Mobility
    • Cyber Security
    • Interent of Things


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See All
  • Kando
    Kando Logo

    Kando delivers intelligent, revenue generating wastewater management and monitoring solutions to local authorities, water companies, and corporations.

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  • Viridix
    Viridix Logo

    Viridix developed a precision irrigation decision support system powered by Root Sense soil moisture sensors that help farmers make data driven decisions by gathering data at multiple locations in the field and uploading it to the internet cloud. Once uploaded, the data is analyzed and turned into actionable insights that help farmers save water, increase crop yield, raise crop quality, and ultimately increase profits.

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  • Genda
    Genda Logo

    GENDA’s construction management platform allows General Contractors to continuously and remotely control their construction sites by automating the management of the construction process, saving construction time and costs.

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  • Suridata
    Suridata Logo

    Suridata solution helps to gain full visibility and control over the organization’s data, so actions can be taken to prevent data leakage, mitigate security risks and comply with privacy regulations.

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  • Tailor-ED
    Tailor-ED Logo

    At Tailor-ED, we want to enable teachers to provide the most engaging and effective learning experiences for their unique classrooms. We do this by tailoring holistic learning experiences to the needs of the teacher, the classroom and each and every student.

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  • Kando
  • Viridix
  • Genda
  • Suridata
  • Tailor-ED
  • Supported by

  • Supported by

  • Collaboration with

  • Israel Innovation Authority

    The Israel Innovation Authority, an independent publicly funded agency, was created to provide a variety of practical tools and funding platforms aimed at effectively addressing the dynamic and changing needs of the local and international innovation ecosystems.

  • State of Colorado

    The State of Colorado formally supports ICI's mission to bring innovative Israeli companies to Colorado.

  • Israel Innovation Authority2

    The American Water Works Association is an international, nonprofit, scientific and educational society dedicated to providing total water solutions assuring the effective management of water. Founded in 1881, the Association is the largest organization of water supply professionals in the world.

Providing US market access

We are passionate about sharing our experiences with ambitious Israeli entrepreneurs and helping them scale up their businesses in the US market.

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  • Yvonne Forest

    " Resilience is a big issue for Houston at this time and Israel seems to be on the cutting edge of innovation that could help us build a resilient utility of the future. On the US Water Delegation to Israel, I learned a lot about cybersecurity, monitoring of our wastewater system and some treatment technologies for wastewater that I will definitely take back home and talk with to team about. My biggest benefit from the trip was building the relationships and talking with users of the technologies; sometime you need that first hand experience to help understand the intricacies of innovative technologies. "

    Yvonne Forest

    Director, Houston Water

  • David Cohen

    " As an entrepreneur myself, I value the importance of adapting quickly to changes and of responding fast in challenging times. What I found that characterizes many Israeli entrepreneurs that ICI woks with is their resilience to challenges and ability to tackle a challenge from many angles simultaneously. "

    David Cohen

    Co-Founder, Managing Partner and Board Member, Techstars; LP, ICI Fund

  • Marilyn Carol

    " With the current worldwide pandemic, other problems are taking a backseat but they will not go away. For example, there is a growing water shortage in the western United States. Water technology is an area that ICIF has been pursuing since its inception. Israel, a world leader in water technology, is a good place to look for companies that we can invest in and help bring their technologies here to solve this most significant problem. We are impressed with our current portfolio companies."

    Marilyn Carol

    Advisory Board Member, ICI Fund

  • Robert Weaver

    " I believe it is important to share innovative technologies globally. It is not only good business but it is essential for the advancement of humanity. An example is that much of the unique water technology we saw during our trip to Israel can help us all adjust to some of the results of Global Climate Change. The equation is simple: Israeli innovation + our seed capital and marketing expertise = a win for all participants."

    Robert Weaver

    Advisory Board Member, ICI Fund

  • Chris Dermody

    " I have been exposed to some Israeli companies in the past and understood that they have some pretty interesting technologies. When I met Gili at ICI Fund I learned that there are all kinds of opportunities that we can indulge in to learn more. The trip provided all kind of exposure to everything from treatment technologies to information technologies, OT technologies and security technologies. The biggest benefit from the trip was the exposure to the way Israeli companies operate, the way they function, the way they design and the way they innovate. "

    Chris Dermody

    Former CIO, Denver Water; Digital Solutions Expert, Jacobs

  • Biju George

    " Through the US delegation to Israel I got to experience the beautiful country and learned how connected the economy the government and the industry are and how closely they work around innovation and technology. My benefit was that I learned how the technologies are originating and got a better view on how I can consume the Israeli technologies better by leveraging the entire enabling ecosystem."

    Biju George

    COO, DC Water

  • Heath Cardie

    " Having over 20 years in the investment world, I appreciate the weight that entrepreneurs carry while following their dreams and executing their plans. The ICI Fund is unique in its partnership with the Israel Innovation Authority and with Innosphere Ventures which supports the scale up of the portfolio companies in the US market. However, what I find mostly unique is the hands on of the ICI Fund’s team and the strong partnership with the entrepreneurs of the portfolio companies. I personally met some of the founders of the portfolio companies and I look forward to meeting more extraordinary and ambitious Israeli leaders, sharing my experiences with them and learning from their own experiences."

    Heath Cardie

    Managing Director, 1248 Management; Advisory Board Member, ICI Fund

  • Bob Lembke

    " Israel’s strength is its people and the strong will to make an impact in the world through innovation. ICI Fund’s team is relentlessly helping – as strong partners – the extraordinary Israeli entrepreneurs grow in the US market. I enjoy helping promoting the Israeli companies in the US--especially in the agriculture and water industries but also in other industries--and I look forward to witnessing the strong impact of these ambitions people all over the world. "

    Bob Lembke

    President, United Water and Sanitation District; Advisory Board Member, ICI Fund

  • David Fishman

    " There are a number of reasons why the ICI Fund is an exciting opportunity for me as an investor. One of the main area's is access Gili and the ICI Fund provide for LP's to the portfolio companies. It is often challenging to see how an LP can help a Portfolio company succeed beyond the investment. However, with ICI you can meet, integrate, support, advise and lend your expertise to help grow an individual Portfolio company that you find exciting and interesting. It has been a pleasure to work with ICI Funded companies. Gili and the team have a knack for identifying not just great ideas but also great people. I hope my continued involvement with the Fund and the Portfolio companies continues to return dividends beyond the financial results. Israeli entrepreneurs are a wonderful type of person and being able to engage with them directly is truly a unique and blessed opportunity."

    David Fishman

    Advisory Board Member, ICI Fund

  • John Balliew

    " El Paso Water puts public health as top priority and uses advanced technology to control the quality of its water and its wastewater. Reducing pollution in the wastewater reduces the risk associated with an overflow of the wastewater to the streets. This is extremely important these days when the wastewater network is overloaded with wipes and paper towels. Extracting data continuously and remotely from the wastewater collection network and using advanced algorithms to analyze the data and understand the pollution sources, allow El Paso Water to control the wastewater quality 24/7 and protect the public health."

    John Balliew

    CEO, President, El Paso Water